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USB to Type C Cable Charger USB C Fast...

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USB 2.4 Fast Charging and Data SyncData Hi-speed Transfer and Power Fast Charging 2 in 1. Experience 3x faster data transfer and sync speeds than USB 2.0.Superspeed Fast Charging like lightning, charging speed up to 2.4A, this allow you to charge your phone in the fastest way.You can lie on the sofa or couch and use the device while charging at the same time. And you can use it freely in the bedroom, office or even the back seat of the car.Stable Durable Sturdy and tangle-free soft TPE cord with bulletproof fiber adds extreme durability to the cable. Heat-resisting aluminum connector assures a long working life of the cable.Partial Compatibility Devices:For Samsung Galaxy S10e S10 S10 S9 Plus S8 Plus Note9 8 - For LG V40 V30 V20 - For LG G5 G6 - For Google Pixel Pixel XL - For Google Pixel 2 2 XL - For Google Nexus 5X 6P - For Huawei P10 P10 Plus P20 P30 - For Huawei Mate10 Mate20 - For Microsoft Lumia 950 950 XL - For 2016 2017 Apple MacBook Pro - For 2015 Google Chromebook Pixel - For HTC 10 - For Moto Z2 Z3 G6 G7 X4 - For OnePlus 3T 5T 6TFrequently Asked Questions:Q1: There is a packaging Quantity on the first picture, but nowhere else.A1: Yes, just like the number of picturesQ2: Is this proof of android charger cable puppy? We often lose the Samsung Note 5 charger cable.A2: Yes, this Android charger cable is made of cableQ3: What's the difference between this micro usb cable and other android charger cord?A3: They are working perfectly! Extremely high quality and nice looking cable. And i appreciated the quality braiding on the cable as well as the sticky buckles keeping the samsung note 5 charger cable organized for storing. What the most important is that they charge my phone very quickly.