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GRIP6 Canvas Belts for Men & Women- Ultralight Series Nylon Belt

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  • Double Ring closure

  • The sliding belt for men and women with no holes, complicated ratcheting belt systems, or excess bulk. Our buckles and straps are completely interchangeable, so get creative with your style! Use it outdoors when fishing, in a business casual setting, as a golf belt, or anything in-between. We add 6-8 inches to each belt to account for adjustment, so simply order your waist size

  • Our Ultralight Series buckles weigh only 12 grams, half the weight of our Classic Series buckles. We designed the Ultralight Series to bridge the gap between modern design and outdoor functionality. All GRIP6 nylon belts are 100% Made In The USA from locally sourced materials and backed by our signature Unlimited Lifetime Guarantee (we will replace or refund your belt at any time for any reason, just contact us)

  • With our patented friction lock, you can confidently say goodbye to belt holes and d ring belts. Have peace of mind that your new adjustable belt will stay tight all day and will never let you (or your pants) down. Our military web belt is made with nylon that has a breaking strength of over 2,500 pounds. Our buckles are made from space grade aluminum. This truly is the last belt you will ever buy

  • The weave of a webbing belt is critical to its function and durability. We are constantly testing our webbing designs to come up with solutions to common belt problems like deformation, warp, abrasion resistance, and stiffness. A good belt strap will solve these problems within the weave rather than resorting to chemical stiffening agents. We have designed and constructed multiple testing machines in order to develop our 30 year wear standard for our belts

  • A casual nylon woven fabric belt designed for comfort and style; your GRIP6 can be used as a tactical belt, edc belt, hiking belt, golfing belt, ski belt, casual belt, or in any other setting. This truly is the last belt you will ever buy. Our straps and buckles are fully interchangeable, which means two belts actually give you four different belt/strap combinations