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Power Of Nature Seat Cushion, Memory Foam...

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  • 【Pain Relieving】The orthopedic seat cushion has a recess for the free storage of the coccyx, ergonomic design, which means it relieves pressure when sitting and promotes a healthy sitting posture by straightening the spine naturally.

  • 【3-5s Rebound】Even if you sit on the mat for a long time, it returns to the original shape immediately when you stand up. Provide good support to avoid deformation of the butt due to long-term sitting.

  • 【Ingredient】Cushions: 100% 45D polyurethane memory foam, inner cover 100% polyester; Outer shell: 100% polyester, non-slip bottom made of 100% polyester with silicone gel buttons.

  • 【Universal】The seat cushion is versatile. It is suitable among other things ideal for the office chair in the office, dining chair or wheelchair. Furthermore, it is ideal for traveling by car, plane or train or simply as a booster seat. Thanks to the practical non-slip floor surface, it does not slip. This means that not only those who love it benefit from it.

  • 【Washable】Dimensions: 42 x 38 x 6 cm. The coccyx cushion has a comfortable and removable velor cover with a high quality hidden zipper. Machine washable, easy to clean.