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Michael Josh XXL-Large Outdoor Picnic Blan...

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About this item

  • EXTRA OVERSIZED: 200 X 200 CM when open enough for 5-6 adults sitting or 3-4 adults laying,can fit the whole family

  • COMFORT Soft Micro-fleece Material,Top of blanket is made with extra soft 220 gsm 100% polar fleece; back of blanket features reinforced polyester backing for increased water and wind resistance

  • EASY CLEAN - Plastic backing is easy to wipe clean by wet cloth, liquid stain on fleece is easy absorbed by tissues,it's easy to shake off the sand from the beach blanket

  • Waterproof and Sandproof Backing - perfect for camping when it's a bit cool and the grass is slightly damp from spring/autumn and in beach, comfortable to sit on or lay down when go for a picnic

  • Extensive Use - perfect for camping, picnics, days out to the beach or park, summer festivals. It can be used as tent carpet or temporary break bed