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Good Gain Picnic Blanket with Waterproof ...

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  • 【HIGH-QUALITY BLENDED MATERIAL】: The picnic blanket is made of two layers of fabric. Unlike others, the first layer of our picnic blanket is made of natural wool blended, breathable, anti-odor, soft, warm when cold, cool when hot. It also absorbs moisture and is extremely comfortable. The backing is made of waterproof material to separate water and sand effectively.

  • 【LARGE SIZE】: The size of our picninc blanket is 80 * 60 inches, tassels 3.9 inches, can easily accommodate 4-6 people for an outdoor picnic; but the mat is only 15 * 8 inches after folding, is very convenient to carry, transport and does not take up space.

  • 【FASHION DESIGN OF TASSEL】: This is not an ordinary picnic blanket, we use the decoration of tassel and unique herringbone lines to make the blanket more special and multi-element.

  • 【UNIQUE HANDLE】: Our style of picnic rug handle is unique, beautiful in appearance and fits the habit of using, the material of pu and the copper button, which is sturdy and convenient.

  • 【MULTI-PURPOSE】: Must-have items for camping, grass, beach, park, dinner